Charissis Residence

MonoStyle Residence




Design and Construction of a Detached House





Project Description:

The property is located on a steep slope with unobstructed views of both the city center of Ioannina and its lake, Pamvotida. The design uses as tools the special geomorphology of the property but also the residential typology of the area. The following elements were incorporated in the design of the three-story house: the steep slope, the creation of an inner courtyard around which the house is organized, the application of a modern version of an “erker” that extends to the view. Each floor of the house adapts smoothly to the slope of the ground and accommodates usages of public or private spaces. The users of the house enter it from the mezzanine floor and through the internal staircase are led either “up” to the open space of the living room-kitchen, with the panoramic view to the lake Pamvotida, or “down” to the bedrooms and the parking lot. The inner courtyard, besides offering ample natural light and ventilation, also functions as a means for separating the house from the hostel it contains. The asymmetrical roof, which covers the house, creates different heights inside, thus ensuring plenty of natural light in the underlying spaces.